How to Properly Stop a Dog Fight


Separating a dog in a fight is extremely dangerous. The idea is to protect both dogs and any humans nearby.


Dogs usually target the neck and head area. When you engage to separate, the victim dog and aggressor dog will think you are another aggressor.


Best techniques (remember all techniques have the chance of getting bit.)


1. Target the aggressor dog and grab the scruff (lower back near tail) and lift up.

2. Pick up the back feet like a wheelbarrow. (Beware that a dog can turn their head very fast)

3. Water is great and without further bites towards humans. (A hose, bucket or even a squirt bottle

will suffice.)

4. Use of a coat or sheet to throw over the aggressor dog.

5. A physical barrier like a sign or large cardboard to put in between the dogs.

6. Get the scruff on his neck.


Never get in between the dogs. Never put your hands or body in between dogs.

The goal is to distract long enough to get them to disengage.


Grabbing the collar can do more damage. If the teeth are sunk into the skin damage can result. Too much pulling on collar can damage the dog’s throat. Yet it may be your only option.