Dogs Running Loose


Many say a dog should run free especially if they are in the country. Where do I begin to say how many ways a dog can get hurt or killed by this mentality. Some say it is ok just to let them out to do their business. Either way it is just an excuse to be lazy. You would not open the door and let your child go out and come back whenever it feels like it nor should you do it for your dog or cat. Many get hit by cars which is a slow and agonizing death. Some may be shot or poisoned because they keep coming on their property. Some may even be stolen. People who are involved in dog fighting will take small dogs and cats to use for bait.


A dog can go 3-5 days without food depending on whether they have excess to water. If the dog is a senior, puppy, sick, pregnant or nursing it could be less. Small dogs as well as certain breeds are also affected differently. A dog can dehydrate within 24 hours without water. Dehydration effects

the body and all its organs. Again sick, seniors, puppies, pregnant, nursing dogs are more susceptible.


A cat can live 3-4 days without food. Cats need protein and if they have it they can last longer. After 3-4 days the organs start to shut down. Cats do not have food reserves like dogs and humans and their organs will be affected much sooner. A normal cat can go without water 2-3 days. After 24 hours dehydration sets in and the organs start to shut down. If the cat is sick, old, kitten, pregnant or nursing it may be less time.