Keeping a dog chained is not love


Dogs that are continually on chains suffer from psychological damage, including aggression, fear, anxiety, and most are kept in filthy conditions. If the urine and feces is not cleaned on a daily basis, they eat and sleep in the contaminated area. The problems that can arise from these conditions are: respiratory problems, sores, ingestion of worms, and viral diseases.


Dogs are social creatures and need interaction with their humans. There are not only psychological problems but physical problems as well. A collar can tighten and dig into the skin making it raw and sore. They are more vulnerable to insect bites and parasites. A dog can get tangled in the chain causing cuts and sores, or worse, strangled. They cannot defend themselves if in a fight with another dog or wildlife.


If the dog cannot be an indoor dog then confine it to a fenced yard where they have plenty of room to run. Dogs are loving by nature. They become aggressive by the human hand of abuse. Being chained for most of their life is not only inhuman but irresponsible pet ownership. And yes it is abuse.


You wouldn’t put your child on a chain and ignore them so don’t do it with your pet dog. If you cannot or will not take a dog in as family then don’t get one. Animals were meant to be loved and they give so much more back.


Most chained dogs do not get a lot of love from their humans. Sometimes they are forgotten and go hungry and without fresh water. If you cannot love your pet like family then don’t get one. Dogs were never meant to be put on chains. They are not slaves, they are feeling souls that go through emotions like most humans. They are family!


A chained dog is easy prey for animal abusers.


Be part of the solution, not the problem