Dogs in cages


Cages were never meant to be permanent houses for dogs. Cages are great for short term use. They can be used when your dog has anxiety problems when you are away. They should not be left in a cage for more than 4-6 hours for an adult and 3-4 for a puppy since their bowels are not fully developed yet.


Crates are useful when your lovable pet damages your home or possessions due to anxiety when you are not home. Eventually they will come to see the crate as their own personal den. If they out grow it then get a bigger one.


If you have to crate a dog:

1. Make sure it is big enough they can stand and turn around without difficulty.

2. Put his favorite toy in crate.

3. Place one of your old t-shirts with your scent on it inside the crate.

4. If it is a wire crate place a heavy blanket or pillow in it for your pets comfort.