i am not disposable


I Am Not Disposable


I am one of God’s creatures just like you, the human. He made and loves all his creation including the four legged. I trusted you and loved you unconditionally even when I was not loved back. I am not a toy that you can discard when you grow tired of me. I still have needs just like you. I count on you to feed and water me. I depend on your companionship. I depend on you for my every need.


Please do not have expectation of me. I have my own personality and character just like you. That is the number one reason we keep coming back to the shelter. You expect us to be a certain way and when we are not, you think of us as a bad dog. Did you know there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad humans? Did you know that a dog will never leave you or abandon you, only humans do?


Did you know when I am dumped out in the country like trash I will wait for you? I will die a slow and painful death waiting for you because I thought you loved me? Did you know that I could be killed by another animal whether a wild coyote or a farmers dog protecting his property? Or even the farmer himself? I have been shot at twice now and was even grazed by a farmer’s bullet. He told me to get off his property. All I wanted was a little food, water and compassion.


Did you know many farmers have dogs of their own and can not take any more in? Do you know what it is like to feel hunger pains and thirst when there is no water and no loving hand? When I lay dying in an unfamiliar place my last thought is about you and where are you and why won’t you come help me? I loved you unconditionally til the end.


If you take me in please realize it is a life time commitment. Even as I get older I may need special treatment. I may go blind or lose my hearing. But remember I can always love unconditional no matter what.


Love them like family or don't get them!