you said i was your baby.  you said you would love me forever.  please do not abandon me in my old age

Pets are Family; Loving Them is Protecting Them


There are two types of pet people. Those who see their pet as family and those that see their pet as property. The laws in most states see animals as property. That way there is no emotions involved. But many people have influenced the law makers and some states are seeing them as a part of the family now. This doesn’t mean we put animal life above human life, but they do need protection from evil people.


From the beginning when a puppy or kitten is born it has needs. Many of these needs are met by the mother and siblings. Later in life when they become our companions, they need us to provide for them and to protect them. Just like a child, if you love them you will protect them from any harm. Most of us if you do harm to our fur babies we will be like an angry momma bear protecting her cubs.


Since we have domesticated them they depend us on for food, water, love and protection from harm.

They do not deserve to be discarded and thrown out like trash. They are not objects to be tortured. If you cannot love them for their entire life then don’t get them in the first place.