Animals are not property; they are living beings with souls.  they feel pain, grief and loneliness just like us.



1. why are you getting the pet (get to know the breed. That cute puppy may turn into a big dog)

2. do you have allergies

3. what is your lifestyle and time to devote to your pet

4. your pet budget

5. training of your pet

6. suitable housing for your pet. Also pet proof your house as if it was a child

7. your relationship with your neighbors (does the new dog bark a lot, get loose, ect.)

8. is the dog going to be left alone all day

9. is the pet going to have a life time commitment with you (sometimes up to 20 yrs)

10. age of pet


Pets need your time and commitment to love and protect them like family. Pets like kids can be challenging especially if they are puppies or an older adult. Some rescues were tortured and beaten so it takes time for them to trust again. BUT MOST DO!


Pets like people can get stressed out (divorce, fighting, abandonment, ect.)


Pets are not cost free. They need shots, nail trims, spay or neutered and sometimes emergency care. Some require a special diet or even have diseases like cancer, diabetes and needs special meds.


Pets will have “accidents.” Especially puppies and seniors. It is not that hard to train them to go on a pee pad or let them out every 2-3 hours. Have patience. We were once kids and some of us are seniors who have had “accidents.” Again be patient and loving. This too will pass with time.


If you cannot take the pet in for its life time then re-consider getting a pet. Some pets are unwanted no matter where they were gotten or amount of money paid or if they were muts or full bloods, they come back to the shelter or worst dropped off in the country or highway which leads to a slow and very painful death. Animals do have emotions and feelings. They will stay where they are dumped waiting for their owner to come back and get them. Unlike many people animals are more loyal to the ones they love than the ones who are supposed to love them.