if it is too hot for your feet it is too hot for my paws.

Pets in Back of Hot Truck Beds


Dogs left in the back of a truck bed can jump out or get thrown out. They can be stolen. They can jump out with a leash and actually strangle themselves to death. If you love them you will protect them.


Eye, ear & nose damage:


If you are going down the highway at 70 mph, anything that hits your dog’s eyes is being hit at 70 mph. Vets see a lot of eye injuries from dogs in back of truck bed and allowing them to hang their head out of a window of a vehicle.


The air and noise of the vehicle as well as the exhaust can cause havoc on your fur baby. The swirling air can cause dirt, debris and insects to become lodged in their eyes, ears and nose. The loud noise from the vehicle can be damaging to sensitive ears. The exhaust pipe, especially if it is towards the back can come back and they will breathing in dangerous fumes.


Being Ejected from the truck:


You may be the safest driver in the world…...but accidents happen, other animals happen. In an accident your furry friend will be a projectile possibly landing in the line of traffic to be ran over. If someone cuts in front of you, your pet has no way of bracing themselves to keep from falling out. If a cat or other dog or some other animal strikes the curiosity of your fur baby, they may jump out (no matter how trained, dogs will be dogs). How long would it take to even know your fur baby is AWOL? Our fur babies have the mentality of a 3-5 year old and will never mentally grow older than that.


Please do not think for a moment using a leash or chain will be better. They could possibly be thrown and dragged without you knowing it. Could you live with that?


Inclement weather is not good for your fur baby. Especially hot weather, if it is too hot for your bare feet it is too hot for their paws. The extreme heat can crack and burn the pads of their feet . Without water and shade they can easily suffer heatstroke.




1. Put them in the car/cab with you.

2. Make sure they have plenty of water.

3. Strap them in like you would your own child in case of an accident.

4. Protection and safety should always come first.




1. If it is too hot for your bare feet, it is too hot for their paws.

2. Don’t leash or chain a dog in the truck bed.

3. Crates are also a no-go. They get hot inside.