Dear Citizens of Durant, Oklahoma

I know we have asked a lot from you good citizens for help with the Durant Animal Shelter. And you have responded with amazing love and generosity. On CRAMM our Facebook page for problems we would like to see fixed, it was put to the public that there are many problems with the existing animal shelter. Between the animal shelter, the police and Durant’s citizens, we can be the difference.

Now we have a special request. One of the complaints was that all animals need to be spay/neutered before being adopted. I think we all agree on that especially with spring litters popping up that could have been prevented. There are a lot of good people out there that do spay/neuter their fur babies but many just won’t and the problem continues. This time of year just about all of the shelters are completely full and can not take in any more. There are stray animals, animals that are dumped or the owner refuses to retrieve their pet. Many litters are being born with no one to take care of them or the mother. On Facebook you see people pleading for someone to help. Most of us have all the animals we can take in. Our local low cost spay/neuter in Durant lost their vet and has not come up with a new one so the closest that will do this is Ada and Ardmore. The animal control officers can take the animals to the hospital and bring them back but there is no funding for the actual surgeries. (If you would like to help with the gas cost or transporting contact: (580) 579-2187)

Could you please find it in your heart to sponsor a dog or cat to get spay/neutered? I was told the cost is around $60 dollars. We are trying to get a fund set up at the bank to help with this as well as other vet expenses. WE WILL MAKE SURE IT IS ALL ACCOUNTED FOR! Sick and injured dogs that must be taken to the vet is costly. Even though they get a small discount they still have to pay a portion. Not one of these officers want to see an animal euthanized if it can be avoided.

Our next adoption event is April 27th between 9am and noon. We will have a baked goods sale, food and ice cream vendors. If you would like to bring a baked good(s) please feel free. All baked good sales will go to the shelter and the animals. Hope to see you there! There will also be a donation jar if anyone is interested in helping out.



The Durant Animal Adoption event was a success.  Many puppies got adopted and many were interested in the bigger dogs.   There are still many dogs that need forever homes.  Don't forget to spay/neuter your fur baby.  it is healthier for them and unwanted litters won't pop up and wind up in the shelters themselves.