Precious was seized from her owner because she was being beaten, stabbed on each hip and being poisoned with antifreeze. She was also being starved to death.  Her ears look like cauliflower, the kind boxers get when hit too many times in the head.   It is a miracle that she survived and even more of a miracle that she can trust a human again. She was in the Durant Animal Shelter for 7 months. She is about 11 years old and is losing her hearing. I have only had her for a little while but she is getting better acquainted with the other family members. I have 8 rescues now. She is still leery of the others but with time, patience and love she will adopt to her new life in a loving forever home. I will not give up on her. Precious was adopted twice and twice brought back because the adopters did not want to spend the time, patience and love with her. Precious is a very sweet and loving dog.  She is not "damaged goods."  When God brings something into your life you do not dismiss it.  She came into my life from God for a reason.